Free Image Printer

firefox Image Printer is a quick and easy image virtual printer software that converts any type of printable Windows documents, it may be a Micosoft Word file,Powerpoint file, Excel file; HTML Web Page, Adobe PDF file, and others, to a universally accepted image format file with the click of a button. This gives users a convenient and simple way to share any type of Windows document, you can insert image into Email, Skype, web page, etc. Image Printer installs and operates as a printer driver, making the creation of image as easy as printing.

Super Resource Extractor

firefox Have you ever been frustrated in spending time looking for or designing images for your program. If that's the case, Super Resource Extractor is the right tool for you. Just a few clicks, you extract almost any Button images, Icons, Bitmap, Cursor, AniCursor, Midi, Avi, Wav, Png,etc. which already exist inside Executive files, Dynamic-Link Library, CPL, ActiveX controls, BPL, mysytles files in your computers. You can extract the whole drver, folder trees or specific files in one search. It saves your hours of time.